Paper Anniversary


“We loved with a love that was more than love.” – Edgar Allan Poe

Seeing as love is definitely in the air today and I finally managed to squeeze in some precious time for a little blog post I thought I would finally share one of my favourite commissions that I hand crafted in December. Anyone extroverted who works from home will know that it becomes pretty dull from time to time so I absolutely adore it when clients pop in for a meeting to brief me for their illustration. This is how I met the gorgeous Claire, a vibrant young architect with the most beautiful love story. Her husband, Andrew, is an architect as well and they were friends for about three years when she had to move to Pretoria to complete her studies. They decided to meet up one weekend when she was visiting a friend in Cape Town and immediately realized that something had changed between them. Two weeks later he flew up to Pretoria where he had his cab driver pretend to be a DHL deliveryman with him as the parcel. They have been madly in love ever since.


Drakensbergwedding-3755-1 Drakensbergwedding-3260

Claire knew they would get married but made him swear not to propose until she had successfully completed her masters. Andrew proposed two weeks after she handed in her thesis at his family farm writing “Will you marry…” in white daisies one misty morning and surrounded by wild Arum Lilies he dropped to one knee and pointed to himself, “me”. Her reply was “totes” and the rest is history.


Drakensbergwedding-2743 Drakensbergwedding-2669 Drakensbergwedding-2697 Drakensbergwedding-2657


They had the ultimate DIY wedding on his family farm where they actually built their own venue (architects through and through). Seeing as it was a catholic ceremony they did not get the chance to exchange their own vows so the idea for the commissioned artwork for their first paper anniversary was to write the vows in her own unique way. The vows were then to be surrounded by local flora forming a wreath growing from their portrait as the center point and their beautiful cat Geronimo completing the circle. It is a unique and tongue-in-cheek idea that celebrates their first year as husband and wife.


IMG_4907 IMG_4905 IMG_4910 IMG_4981 IMG_4969 IMG_4980


Congratulations to you both. It was such a pleasure working with you and I hope the drawing brings you many years of joy!


Illustration: Maria Magdalena Atelier

Wedding Photography: Casey Pratt | Life Unscripted


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