Secret Doodles


“My fascination with letting images repeat and repeat - or in film's case 'run on' - manifests my belief that we spend much of our lives seeing without observing.”- Andy Warhol

Over the last three months I have been working on a secret doodle project with Fuze Tea celebrating summer with the launch of their new flavor. When they approached me with the idea I wanted to stay true to myself and I came up with the idea of hiding twelve secret doodles across the country for unsuspecting strangers to discover. Random acts of kindness go a long way and if I brightened up even one person’s day with these tiny original drawings it would be worth it for me. I drew inspiration from the leading figure in the 1960’s Pop Art movement, Andy Warhol, and modernized his famous Campbell Soup silkscreen experiments. Pop Art explored the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture, and advertising and I felt that this exploration would be quite interesting in the modern age of social media.


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The last and final secret doodle will be hidden in Herold’s Bay this weekend. It is by far my favourite one so far. I adore contour studies and can’t wait to turn some of these tiny originals into larger pieces for an exhibition.

It has been such a pleasure sharing my work with you all. To the lucky strangers who found the doodles I hope they brought a smile to your face!



Illustrator: Maria Magdalena Atelier

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