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This is one of my all time favourite drawings, celebrating every contour of a female’s body. Ever scar, experience and imperfection creates an exquisite layer that makes you unique. It reveals your strength, growth and perseverance through every hardship.

In this process of working with Michelle Hattingh, author of I'm the girl who was rape, I spent a lot of time considering her sexuality after being raped. In Michelle’s own words:

“When you are raped, your ownership of your own body is taken away from you. Your body is under someone else’s control and that other person decides what happens next. You have no choice in the matter. Rape is not about sex; it’s about power.

So to feel powerful in your sex life is the ultimate form of freedom.”

The journey for her healing has been secular which is why I have included a series of contours to each drawing to represent that journey. One important thing I have learnt is to give people the space to heal in their own time and accept that it will never be over for them, it is a continuous process of healing, learning, accepting and growing.

Sometimes all you need to do is be present.

The current movement towards positive body image found across the world is something to truly celebrate. No more excessive retouching. No anorexic models. Real beauty is found in the authentic.


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Pre-order: Maria Magdalena Online Store

Deliveries will be made once I am back in Cape Town 15 September 2017.

10% of proceeds donated to The Rape Crisis Center.


PLEASE NOTE: This is not Michelle's naked form. It is inspired by her journey alone.


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