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"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."

St. Agustine


One of my Instagram followers, Anton de Goede, contacted me earlier this year with a vision that I had the absolute privilege of realizing for him through intricate lines of ink. We gathered one Saturday morning at my Atelier and reflected on his concepts for these masterpieces. Anton has acquired a series of beautiful minimalistic Muji wooden cities as he travelled the world and wanted to create artworks to celebrate and commemorate his travels. The final product is something I am tremendously proud to have been a part of. The intricate line work of each piece took weeks to complete and was worth every serene second. Discovering these incredible cities through someone else’s perspective was a beautiful process and I cannot wait to one day visit them myself.

I hope you relish in the wood and ink splendor of these intricate line drawings while taking a breather from your daily routine.


Anton-de-Goede_commission_1 Anton-de-Goede_commission_18 Anton-de-Goede_commission_2 Anton-de-Goede_commission_3 Anton-de-Goede_commission_5 Anton-de-Goede_commission_21 Anton-de-Goede_commission_7 Anton-de-Goede_commission_8 Anton-de-Goede_commission_9 Anton-de-Goede_commission_19 Anton-de-Goede_commission_10 Anton-de-Goede_commission_11 Anton-de-Goede_commission_12 Anton-de-Goede_commission_13 Anton-de-Goede_commission_20 Anton-de-Goede_commission_14 Anton-de-Goede_commission_15 Anton-de-Goede_commission_16 Anton-de-Goede_commission_17


Take a peek at my commissioned original artwork process and price list if you are interested: Maria Magdalena Atelier.


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