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In a society consumed with technological advancement lies a refreshing beauty in the simple stroke of black ink on paper. My latest Tiny Original was inspired by a beautiful piece of literature from The Road, by Cormac McCarthy:

"Once there were brook trout in the streams in the mountains. You could see them standing in the amber current where the white edges of their fins wimpled softly in the flow. They smelled of moss in your hand. Polished and muscular and torsional. On their backs were vermiculate patterns that were maps of the world in its becoming. Maps and mazes. Of a thing which could not be put back. Not be made right again. In the deep glens where they lived all things were older than man and they hummed of mystery."


img_2378 img_2377 img_2669 img_2671 untitled-1


This one of a kind Tiny Original is available exclusively on Maria Magdalena Atelier.

10 x 10 cm Original artwork on Fabriano paper | 20 x 20 cm Hand framed

Free shipping within South Africa.


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