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I am thrilled to reveal the first artwork for my latest collection on Women's Day that will be exhibited in New York and Berlin. I have entitled it “the f word” for the fierce females that will form part of my project. My first muse, Michelle Hattingh, author of “I’m the girl who was raped” discusses her journey of healing after she was violently raped in South Africa. The journey of healing is secular. She has ups and downs and is constantly striving to improve her body image. My main goal was to show her how truly beautiful she is, in all of her imperfections.

This piece is a continuous line drawing in Indian pigment ink on Fabriano paper. I have created A3 archival fine art prints to sell in both New York and Berlin. It may also be pre-ordered from my online store here. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Michelle’s charity of choice: The Rape Crisis Center.


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P O P - U P

Hotel Beacon, Upper West Side, New York

21 – 25 August 2017

10:00 – 17:00

wine + canapés served



Level Eight, Max-Beer Str 31, Berlin, Germany, 10115

7 – 8 September 2017

18:00 – 22:00

wine + canapés served


Pre-order: Maria Magdalena Online Store

Deliveries will be made once I am back in Cape Town 15 September 2017.

10% of proceeds donated to The Rape Crisis Center.


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